Fouad Sattar, MD PC

Fran Mullen, RN, Clinical Office Manager

"We are a very caring, nurturing practice. Patients are not a diagnosis or a case number to us. They are family. We encourage all patients to call us to ask questions. When they are pregnant or when theyíre having surgery ... there are no silly questions. Only the unasked question is silly."

Fran Mullen, RN, clinical nurse manager of the practice, has been practicing with Dr. Sattar for 23 years, longer than anyone else on staff.

Fran has always enjoyed the OB/GYN aspect of nursing. She loves going into the delivery room, and has a special interest in menopausal management and infertility

"We work with women through menopause. Everything from talking with patients and helping them choose medications, to giving them emotional support. Itís a difficult time for many women, and we are here to support them, to let them know that what they are feeling is normal, and to help them work through this time of their life."

Fran has remained with this practice for so long because she says she feels like family here. She enjoys working with the nurse-midwives and physicians in the practice, and has developed close relationships with many of the patients.

"Whether youíve been here a long time, or even if youíre brand new patient, you are considered part of our family. Everyone is an individual and is treated with respect and kindness."

Fran is the friendly paparazzi of the office. She has taken on the joyful responsibility of organizing a photo wall of babies and families that got their beginnings at this practice. She started the wall over twenty years ago and it is still growing. "Now, Iím able to start putting generations of families together. Dr. Sattar just delivered my first granddaughter. Sheís on the wall, too!"

Fran is married with a daughter and a son. Her passion outside of nursing is spending time with her granddaughter, which she describes simply as "wonderful." She has another passion that not too many people know about. She loves riding Harley Davidsonís along with her husband ... from Nova Scotia to Daytona, and most recently, a trip to Italy for a bike tour!